The Importance of Childcare to a Thriving Community

Childcare is an essential service that enables a community to thrive...

A community is made up not just of residents but also of the businesses and services that support them. Childcare is an essential service that enables a community to thrive. North Vancouver, and all of the North Shore, is underserved when it comes to child care facilities. The City of North Vancouver does not have the mandate or resources to fully address the gaps in child care accessibility, affordability, and quality on its own.

To improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of child care in the City over the next 10 years, it is essential that the City collaborates with partners in creating new spaces and advocating for the community’s needs.

The four keys to increasing access to quality child care are:

  1. Number of Spaces. One of the biggest issues is the insufficient number of spaces to meet the demand for child care. The most pressing needs are spaces for infants/toddlers and school-age children.
  2. Location of Spaces. Child care spaces need to be located close to home/school/transit and in underserved neighbourhoods.
  3. Utility of Spaces. Underserved population groups such as immigrants, newcomers, lone parents, families with children with special needs, etc., need to be able to access child care services and supports.
  4. Availability of Spaces. Child care options with non‐traditional or extended hours are limited. 

It will take a variety of stakeholders to meet the demand, and that is why Three Shores is excited to be providing a childcare facility in its upcoming development at 133 E4th.

To learn more about this project or if you have any questions, please reach out to us.