Mural Project Application Opening

Three Shores Development seeks an artist or artist team to create and install a mural at our site in Central Lonsdale.


We are expert developers from the North Shore, raised here ourselves and now raising our families in this incredible community. Our development philosophy is centred around elevating neighbourhoods to be timeless, livable, and long-lasting so that communities can flourish. We are fortunate that our combined 50 years of experience in property development, capital markets and commercial investment coalesced into a business dedicated to enriching the place we call home.

The North Shore remains our home base even after keys to our residences are handed over to new owners. This community-based mentality influences all of our initiatives.


Our development in Central Lonsdale is a testament to our unwavering commitment to this philosophy - to improve the neighbourhood and add value in a sustainable and holistic manner.

The mural created for this site will respond to and amplify the theme of "Home is a People," that is, the concept of how a community can make a place feel like home. We are looking for a powerful visual impact to provide an element of meaning and ongoing interest for the community who will encounter the artwork on a daily basis. We would like to see stylized lettering of "Home is a People" between the top and bottom row of windows. "Home is a People" is also our brand statement and we envision this phrase to be used in other murals we may do in future projects located in various communities in the province.  That said, we believe these letters should remain consistent in all our projects; however, the artwork in the background within the lettering itself should embody the community that is inspiring the work.


The site of the mural is a 2-story, west-facing exterior wall with abundant natural light. The dimensions are approximately 77 feet wide by 30 feet high.The exterior wall can be seen when headed northbound or southbound on Lonsdale Ave. This tall wide space has the potential for a wide range of creative interpretations of the theme. 


The total budget available will be discussed with the artist(s). The artwork budget will be inclusive of all costs including but not limited to artist fees, studio overhead, consultant fees, municipal fees (permits, etc.),  artwork fabrication, site preparation, travel, transportation, installation, all taxes and General Liability Insurance in the amount of five million dollars.


We will review all eligible submissions using the following criteria:

  • Images: Previous work is refined, high quality, creative, and original.
  • Context: Previous work demonstrates the ability to explore a variety of themes and site applications.
  • Resourcefulness: provides a good cost/benefit ratio, durable, high quality, environmentally sensitive.
  • Project Fit: Potential for distinctive, one-of-a-kind site-specific response to the location
  • Availability: Artist’s ability to fabricate and deliver a project in August/September 2023.


Three Shores reserves the right not to award the commission if no submissions warrant further consideration.

Three Shores can feature the artist’s work on their visual platforms: website, marketing collateral and social media.


Submissions Materials Due …..………………………………Monday, August 7, 2023

Selection Process Completed ……………………………Friday, August 11, 2023

Contract Duration (weather permitting)…………………mid-August to September 2023

Anticipated Date for Unveiling.....................………………Fall 2023


Application period is now closed.