Reimagining Neighbourhoods

What can you do that can make the neighborhood better? What can you do that will make it feel timeless and will give it some longevity?

Our world is always changing and our neighbourhoods need to be able to meet that change. 

What can we do that makes a neighbourhood better? What can we do that will make it feel timeless and give it real longevity?

These are the questions we ask ourselves when we look for new development opportunities. 

Underutilization in a community is one of the first things we look out for. Many factors play into an area being under-utilized: lack of housing, lack of retail space, lack of public spaces, or too many unused infill sites that don’t add anything to the community. 

We want to see land utilized to its maximum potential. Density is a big issue in Vancouver — large single-family homes and poorly-designed apartment buildings are a thing of the past — our future lies in a new form of townhouses and multi-family developments that aim to be more inclusive, putting the land at its maximum potential. 

Our goal is to make neighbourhoods that work for everyone and that includes long-time residents. We’re the kind of developer that wants to work with communities to make sure that their interests are represented and that their vision of the future is ours too. 

This isn’t just something we say, it’s something we believe. 

Our 5020 Capilano Road project proposes to redevelop a beloved family-style restaurant that has been a 40-year institution on the North Shore. We are proposing a mixed-use development that will restore the restaurant to its former glory and provide high-density housing in the form of townhouses and condominiums. 

The project continues to address concerns of long-time residents by developing a plan that would preserve as much natural space as possible. We introduced traffic calming measures because of concerns about increased traffic. We created a building design that engaged the neighbourhood while maintaining a sense of safety and security for residents, and an interior courtyard that gave the residents a sense of community. 

Reshaping neighbourhoods is no easy task. It’s a job that requires a whole-community approach, the proper know-how and the right partners to build great developments. 

Our world is always changing. But one thing that will never change is our need for strong, livable communities that are built to last.