Development for Where You Live

Empty developments don’t fill neighbourhoods.

For far too long, people have felt that they can’t afford to live and work in cities. More and more young Canadians are giving up on the idea of home ownership, and people are losing their faith in community. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Our goal is to create livable communities that cater to everyone’s needs. That means making sure that people of all incomes, abilities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds can live and participate in their community. 

Take our two developments on East 4th Street in North Vancouver. We incorporated below-market rental housing, which will provide a 10 percent discount to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation rents. 

Another core pillar of livability is that the East 4th Street developments are in an area that is close to several amenities, businesses, and transportation hubs. 

People of all incomes, abilities, and ages can live at this location and build rich, fulfilling lives without ever leaving the local community. We think that all developments should be engineered this way. 

When developments can include all people it makes for something beautiful. The next step is making sure that developments can support that diversity. When we design developments we think about how people live in a space. Almost everyone orders packages and food to their homes these days and our spaces need to accommodate that. People want a work life balance, but for many of us work is done at home. How can we make homes that are designed for work, relaxation, and play all within one building? 

We see our work as our way to make a difference. We live here, we work here and we want to see our communities prosper. Livability is a key component in everything we build. We want people to feel proud of their home, to love their neighbours, and enjoy their lives — all in their own community.