Creating Sustainable Neighbourhoods is Healthy

Sustainability is an important and ever growing word right now and with its popularity comes a few different meanings.

Sustainability is an important and ever-growing word and with its popularity comes a few different meanings.

Whether we’re talking about eco-friendly cars, green building methods, or sustainable food practices, sustainability can be used to describe many different things. 

Sustainable developments are buildings where people want to live and work - now and in the future. They meet the needs of existing and future residents and contribute to a high quality of life. They are safe and inclusive, well-designed, and are close to recreational and commercial services with pedestrian and cycling connections.

Development should be growing and impactful to the neighbourhoods in the long run. What we often see is people moving into a new area, living there for maybe 10 years, and then changing neighbourhoods again. In terms of being a sustainable development, a building should have the same impact on liveability after 20 years that it has the first day it opens. A sustainable neighbourhood is social, environmentally and economically healthy. They’re built to last.