Digital Premiere of “A Place We Call Home."

Watch “A Place We Call Home” and read Jenelle Hagerman's experience as the 2023 Artist-in-Residence for Three Shores.

Read about Jenelle Hagerman’s experience

The inaugural Three Shores’ Artist-in-Residence program came together out of the desire to support young, upcoming talent as an important part of building community. The program was designed to enable visual artists to focus on their own practice in a supportive learning environment. Third and fourth-year students in Capilano University's School of Motion Arts were invited to apply for the opportunity to pursue their own work under the theme of "Community" and have their content featured on Three Shores' visual platforms.

Jenelle Hagerman was chosen as the 2023 Artist in Residence. A creative and passionate storyteller, Jenelle's experience with Yearbook Productions, a female-founded film production company, had equipped her with the skills to work on conceptual film projects in the digital marketing space. She was an ideal fit for the program.

Jenelle Hagerman smiling

“I'm incredibly grateful for the rare opportunity to embark on an artist residency with Three Shores as a filmmaker. So often I find that film is overlooked as an art form, whereas this residency allowed for true artistic creation to flow within my filmmaking process,” says Jenelle, “The Artist-in-Residence program also gave me the ability to prioritize my creativity. By providing me with a space to live and create, I was empowered to make my filmmaking pursuits a reality.”

Jenelle admits that she learned a lot during the program. This was her first opportunity to direct a film and she focused on showcasing a narrative that was true to the surrounding community, putting the people of North Vancouver in the spotlight. “This residency focused my efforts inward and really pushed me to work within the constraints of the stories around me,” admits Jenelle.

Jenelle's completed project, "A Place We Call Home," is a visual feast showcasing the culinary diversity of North Vancouver. The film weaves in our collective desire to connect through food and showcases how food contributes to making a place feel like home.

Jenelle's success with the Artist-in-Residence program is a testament to the program's ability to foster young, up-and-coming talent.

New Artist-in-Residence Program 2024

The Artist-in-Residence program will return in 2024. Applications can be submitted now until November 30. Apply here.