Transparency With Purpose

Mehdi Shokri

Mehdi is inspired by the desire to create meaningful change through development and is driven by an overarching passion to make neighbourhoods better. He aims to align visually-inspiring environments with sustainable and profitable solutions. 

Mehdi's recent departure from a 16-year career in the capital markets and commercial brokerage industry has paved the way for Three Shores Development to flourish. He now enjoys creating lasting contributions to communities through his own projects. A business and real estate background enables Mehdi to take full control of all aspects of a deal prior to, during, and after a sale. His previous experience in the industry has given him the credibility and confidence to take on large-scale projects. Mehdi places high value on transparency within the development process and has a strong desire to impart this to others.

Along with his extensive knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry, Mehdi's greatest skill is developing long-term relationships - both within the development sector and the capital market. He is inspired by conversations with investors, stakeholders and other developers, whether it's in the office, online or on a construction site.

Mehdi is motivated by the innocence of his three children and recognizes the immense responsibility of how his actions and leadership will shape their lives and the communities in which they live. When he is not on the field coaching his children’s sports teams, Mehdi enjoys playing music, travelling and bringing family and friends together.