275 E. 2nd Street, North Vancouver

It's our expertise and drive that sets us apart.

With the development landscape as competitive as ever, it's the intangibles and ability to find and secure opportunities that puts Three Shores at the forefront of the acquisition process. Our strong relationships with brokers such as Avison-Young, gives us a foundation of confidence to build something impactful and valuable to the community. One of our newest offerings at 275 E. 2nd Street in North Vancouver is a testament to how our knowledge and track record puts us above the rest, even in an ultra competitive bidding process.


Above and beyond.

Like with most industries, its the name and track record that comes first. Three Shores has fostered a multitude of valuable relationships with both strategic partners and municipalities alike, which coupled with extensive due diligence gives us a valuable advantage over our competitors. Our extensive due diligence done on opportunities and intimate knowledge of the communities we build in allows us to expedite the development process while also maximizing size and value to the neighbourhood.

A perfect partnership.

For 275 E. 2nd Street, our established history of developing purpose built rental homes in neighbourhoods that desperately need them is why we were chosen for this site despite a myriad of other options. Our network, discipline and intimate knowledge of the North Vancouver market put us in an enviable position of submitting a no-subject offer, as we saw the value and opportunity long before anyone else.

We take calculated risks when we see the potential, and invest early to make our developments as beneficial to tenants, owners and the community as possible. Using both connections to the city planning staff and our extensive portfolio, we were not only able to maximize potential FSR but also greatly accelerate the development process. Three Shores is already one of the top choices for both brokers and communities alike to work with, and we've only just begun.