133 E. 4th Street

Community Driven Development

When the local population vocalizes a need for the community, we listen. Our development process is built on the foundation of meticulous due diligence with a focus on adding neighbourhood value, and our upcoming purpose built rental building at 133 E. 4th Street is a testament to that. This is the first project the City of North Vancouver has approved with no on-site parking. The creative design of this building fits in with the overall character of vibrant Lower Lonsdale while addressing a lack in childcare services other developments ignored.

This pilot project transitions away from the dependence on vehicles because Lower Lonsdale offers a mix of housing options, a good range of jobs, and easy access to stores and services, schools, childcare and parks. The proximity of these everyday needs provides residents with more choices about how to move about their neighbourhood and encourages less driving and more walking.

An ear to the ground.

Just like with every opportunity we explore, one of the core development philosophies we maintain at Three Shores is making decisions based off extensive due diligence and community feedback. We actively engaged with the neighbourhood and other developments in the area to understand what value we could bring to the community in addition to building beautiful homes and adding much needed density. Our strong relationship with the city of North Vancouver allowed for this unique pilot project to take shape, and set precedent for what development could, and should look like. A creative deal structure and negotiations with city planners allowed us to maximize the size and space of the building, while securing policy relaxations on sideyard setback and, bike storage restrictions.

Providing childcare services to the community.

Through our discovery process, we realized a desire for increased childcare spaces in our community. We need childcare in locations that are actually close to where people need them. Following extensive outreach to various childcare operators, we designed this building to include a full childcare facility. Our knowledge and expertise allowed for the creation of leasable area separate from the allotted FSR, which allowed us to add value while not compromising the stature of the homes we're building. We are proud to provide this service to the local community while bringing exciting new rental housing inventory to a market that desperately needs it.

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