About Us

A team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

We believe that our industry affords us the ability to create impact - on people, on buildings, and on the environment.

Our unique perspective on development allows us to think differently about the design of a building and how it will ultimately contribute to the local community.

Our reputation is built on partnerships that align with integrity and purpose. These strategic alliances blend long-lasting relationships and direct results.

Our development philosophy

As we do for all of our projects, we look for threads that link our development to the broader community.

We're community-minded, inclusivity-oriented and we focus on developing neighbourhoods for the future.

We see the opportunity to create spaces where that impactful work is not just continued, but amplified.

Our goal is to make neighbourhoods that work for everyone. We always want to work with communities to make sure that their interests are represented and that their vision of the future is ours too.
Our Team

Driven by passion, purpose and percentages.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we have a shared desire to take a focused, more thoughtful, approach to our place in the development industry.

Co-Founder & Principal

With over 16 years of capital markets experience, Mehdi brings a formidable financial background to the Three Shores team.

Co-Founder & Principal

After over 20 years managing large-scale projects and leading development for some of the largest developers in Canada and Internationally, Barry is well versed in the development process.


"Our industry deserves transparency, grit and integrity - and a whole lot of humanity."

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